Why Using Beard Oil Is Such An Important Thing

Today I want to talk about why should you grow a beard, or let it grow. Most importantly why using beard oil is such an important thing.

A little disclaimer: I realise that beard oil is a very specific tool and it implies a liquidy oil-based product that we apply to our beards, but for the sake of this article, I’m using the term beard oil as an umbrella term to refer to any oil-based product that we apply to our beards. This can be beard oil, beard balm, butter, wax. Now each of these has its own benefits but at their core, they offer you the same thing and that’s moisture. That is what we’re addressing today.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s get started. Our skin is absolutely amazing! Our skin not only protect our insides from what’s happening on the outside, but it also protects itself from what’s happening on the outside. Our beards being an extension of our skin are not excluded from this. To show you what I mean, we need to get up close and personal with what’s going on with our beard. But the problem with that is it’s a closer that you get to our face the more you realize that beard growth is the process of anatomy and physiology working together in tandem. Here’s a more simplistic representation of what is going on with our beards as they grow.

Hair is a composition of the compressed protein called keratin, it’s the same stuff that our fingernails are made of. It composed of three layers: The Cuticle, The Cortex, The inner Medulla.

View Hair Follicle
Down at the bottom is the bulb. The skin sheath which is actually called the follicle. Now, most people think the follicle is the hair itself, but that is a common misconception. The little pocket is called a sebaceous gland, this is where the magic happens. In a sebaceous gland, the sole purpose in life is to produce an oily or waxy substance called sebum. And sebum sole purpose in life is to offer our skin and our hair nourishment and moisture.

So what happens without this moisture? Well,
Our skin dries out and that’ll lead to an increase in dead skin accumulation. Then that skin begins to flake and that’s called (beard/hair) dandruff. Hair dries out and it becomes brittle. It’ll start to break and we’ll get an increase in split ends. The skin hair connection becomes weak and hair begins to fall out.
These are pretty nasty things nobody wants, so thanks to sebaceous glands and sebum you don’t have to worry about these things.

So why is our skin doing this? why is our skin trying so hard to protect the hair that’s growing out of it?
Well, that’s because the hair is protecting our skin. Skin by itself is amazing! it protects us against environmental hazards, such as bacteria and some forms of pollution. Because of the sebaceous glands in the sebum, it creates a waterproof layer that prevents all the moisture from leaving ourselves and turning us into human jerky. But skin, despite its many strengths is very susceptible to the most common form of an environmental hazard. It’s a hazard that we need to survive, it’s called the sun skin cancer. It’ is the most common devastation of the disease and the sun is the most common cause of skin cancer. Our beards are a built-in facial sunscreen that can block out as much as 50-95% of the sun’s cancer-causing UV rays. So that’s why our skin tries so hard to protect the hair that’s growing out of it and yet so many men are shaving it off, It’s a shame really.
So yes, using beard oil is very important. It lightens the load in our sebaceous glands because they can only produce a very limited amount of sebum. Yeah, it’s important, it’s easy to use, it’s readily accessible. You can find beard products literally everywhere online or you could always make your own.
So next time someone asks you why are you growing a beard, you can give an insight into how your beard not only makes look good but also protect you from all these nasty things.

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