When To Apply Beard Oil – A How To Guide

Beard oil application is critical in determining how good your beard will look like. It’s true every man wishes to have a soft, impressive beard and this often goes down to buying beard oil in order to be achieved, because beards just like any other hair types need care in order to be healthy.
Beard oil application is more than a fundamental in determining the health and appearance of your beard. Beard oil, of course, is a factor too but just like any other medicinal application you have to know the right prescription and stick to it in order to get the best results you want to achieve. Beard oil application is more of a drug prescription but very closely related to mother nature. Nature is the core factor that influences beard oil application and this is what will determine how great your beard stands out in your group of men applying the same beard oil.

Here’s where all the magic lies! And so let’s get down to business.

Beard oil application is always recommended to be done shortly after a shower. This prescription is solely based on nature; talk about humidity in the atmospheric air that’s it. This is the major issue you should be looking at when applying your beard oil. Beard oil application is recommended to be done just right after a shower with your beard damp; this is mainly because of the atmospheric humidity and also not forgetting that this is the time when your skin is stripped of all-natural oils and ready to absorb in moisture.

The beard should be damp, NOT wet. Take note of that. Given that you’re in a drier humid zone than your beard, for example, your beard will be draw moisture from the atmosphere due to the difference in humidity levels. Thus your beard will become drier and as a result, tend to absorb more moisture in order to replace the evaporated moisture from the end of the hair follicles. Since you have applied your beard oil, moisture will not be absorbed and in its place now the oil will be absorbed because it usually lacks the affinity for water hence moisture and the oil will move in opposite directions through the hair follicle. As a result of this difference, your applied oil will be absorbed at an optimal level by your beard and you’ll notice that even on touching your beard it will not be oily, falling in-line with the discussed above. Now when you compare this with beard oil application in the middle of the day when your beard is dry… you will notice that the beard will still be oily even hours after application of the oil.

More so this technique will also save you on the cost of oil because of just a single application if the oil will help sustain a soft, impressive beard all day! This cuts the extra cost of having to apply more oil because a single oil application will be maximally absorbed by your beard and skin.

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