What Is A Beard Balm & What’s The Use Of It?

Time and time again we get asked about our products. People always want to know what our beard balms do, the benefits they have, why they are so necessary and we even get asked if our products do what they claim to do – the answer to which is HELL YES, btw! And one thing we always say, time and time again is; for the love of beard, Kavemen’s beard balm isn’t a want, it is an absolute NEED! If you’re entirely new to the whole beard thing and have decided to grow your beard on a whim, we’re pretty sure right now, you’re just taking it as it comes, unsure of where to even begin. I mean, growing a beard isn’t that big a deal right? You just don’t cut it, and let it grow, and voila – beard perfection! Right? Wrong!

Manscaping is an actual thing, and the male grooming industry is growing because of it. Who decides to grow an unruly, unkempt beard? In our opinion, no one should! With products like beard oils, beard balms, beard waxes, beard washes and more out there, you’ve got no excuse to not maintain that damn beard, and keep it looking the best it could be!

We do however get how the plethora of male grooming products could confuse you. For someone who has gone 25+ years using just one generic brand of shampoo, picking out products that could give you the beard of your dreams can be daunting, and if you’re indecisive, heavy on the wallet too! Beard balms are a great grooming accessory for all you modern beardsmen out there. Essential for anyone serious about growing the perfect beard, beard balms are functional and versatile, they help moisturize, they’re easy to use and are great for styling, and they are the only protection your beard truly needs!

But wait! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first things first, let’s start off with what a beard balm is exactly and what it consists of.

Essentially a leave-in conditioner for the beard, beard balms are made from four key ingredients: Carrier Oil, Essential Oil, Beeswax and Butter, each of which contributes to the balm’s properties in different ways. While the oil in the beard balm conditions the beard hair and helps with growth, the butter used assists in moisturizing and softening the hair and improves overall texture, keeping it healthy and smelling great. The beeswax in the balm seals in the moisture given off by the balm’s other ingredients, and nourishes the hair, giving it some added shine and keeping it not only looking but feeling healthy too.

Now, on to what it actually does, its benefits and why most beardsmen swear by it.

Beard balms are in general meant to enhance the texture of your beard, and keep it looking healthy and pretty great. They also, however, serve multiple other purposes, from moisturizing it and keeping it soft and hydrated, to healing any skin irritations to even getting rid of the dreaded beardruff.

Beard oil and beard balm are both great for achieving that perfect beard you’ve always wanted, but why do beard balms have a bit of a leg up? When it comes to beardsmen with medium to largely sized beards, the balm’s higher viscosity and thick texture are just two things that make it more of a must-have than beard oil. Beard balm takes a longer time to absorb, which means that it gives your beard hair the nourishment it requires from the inside out, locking in moisture and keeping it hydrated throughout the day.

Beard balm for beard taming

Its thickness and texture help get your beard on fleek and keeps it that way throughout the day! Not only does it hold down stubborn fly-aways, and reduces fizziness, but it also helps make your tough to tame, rough-around-the-edges facial hair look sleek and salon-worthy.

Beard balm as a beard moisturiser

Now anyone who has grown a beard, or has tried to, knows that it’s not just about looking after your beard hair, but also the skin under your beard. Skin irritation and itchiness are extremely common when growing a beard. This is where the versatility of a beard balm comes in. It not only nourishes and moisturizes your beard but also acts as a moisturizer to the skin underneath it, which means you won’t need to go out and buy yourself another product to deal with your dry, irritated skin. Beard balms can also be used to keep tattoos looking vibrant and to slow down the fading process.

Beard balm as a beard softener

Does your beard look dry and just plain ragged and damaged? Once you start using a beard balm, the change is going to surprise you! Your beard hair will start looking shiny and healthy, and your split ends will disappear! A little beard balm a day, with some regular trimming, and your beard will look real spiffy before you even know it!

Beard balm for preventing beardruff and soothe the skin

When you start growing a beard, and it starts getting longer, you’ll notice the skin underneath it getting dry, itchy and flaky. This is because the sebum oil that your body naturally produces is being sucked up by your beard hair. The sebum oil production won’t be able to live up to the pace at which your beard is growing, and the longer it grows, the drier your skin becomes, resulting in the all too exasperating beardruff, and unbearable irritation. And no matter how manly you think you are, these issues will drive you up the wall, and get you re-thinking your decision to grow a beard. But don’t worry, getting rid of the beard isn’t a necessary solution! A beard balm is. Beard balms are meant to combat all of these pesky problems. The ingredients in the balm will hydrate from follicle to tip, resulting in a healthy, dandruff-free and itch-free beard!

So, does that answer your question of what does beard balm do? A beard balm is a perfect product to give your hair and skin the extra love and attention they require! Kavemen’s beard balms are a 100% organic and are sure to suit all of your beard needs, no matter what!

Warning: Once you join our tribe, there’s no going back! 🙂

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