Warrior Collection

The finest beard and hair oil products since the cave men!

We have no limitations on the amount of essential oils we use when it comes to the fragrance, and no budget restrictions when it comes to sourcing the premium ingredients.

Warriors were strong and lean men that protected and guarded the entrance of the Tribe’s cave. They are the main fighting force of the Tribe and have the responsibility of defending the cave from predators and other tribes. They are also the most experienced with fighting and hunting. To hide their scent and blend in with the rocky scenery, they often coat themselves with mud. One of the standout features of what defined a normal member of the tribe from a warrior, was their thick, long-flowing, and glorious beard.

Kavemen’s Warrior Class Beard Oil has some of the finest carrier oils found on this planet, and helps you bring out the warrior in you. Warriors scoured the earth for common oils that helped them mask their scents and bring out their hidden superpower of growing a fantastic beard. At Kavemen, we have brought these oils right to you! With King Coconut, Argan, and Sweet Almond, mixed with some easily obtained essential oils, these are quality products that are great for the warriors just joining the tribe of beard lovers!


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