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Warm Weather? Keep Calm and Grow a Beard!


By Sabreen Rezvie

Most men grow their beards during the cold weather to keep them warm, While shave it off during warm weather to avoid the heat. True, that burning, itching, and messy feeling can be difficult to deal with and tempt most to clean shave and apply some cool aftershave. A pretty straightforward solution one would say, to keep you tip top to the point. However, if we look beyond the usual norm and myth that during warm weather, a beard is a liability, we can understand that having a beard is actually an opportunity to keep you protected, healthy, and most importantly keep your face cool. Well, that’s a contradictory theory to the aforesaid and requires an in-depth analysis to elucidate. Your beard is a gift! Do not give it up that easily. We at Kavemen Labs are dedicated to helping you preserve, protect and cherish your beard while adding fuel to your desire to grow, and overwhelm the reasons to shave.

The Coconut Theory in Beardology!

Beardology is the science of living a happy, natural, and way of life filled with ancient secrets of grooming a beard to perfection. The origins of Kavemen products are based on Beardology. The Coconut theory is an ancient thinking of how to preserve an internal value through external covers. Growing a beard, and grooming it, will help balance the heat you take, and protect you from the harmful UV rays that could damage your skin and cause diseases like acne, rashes and even skin cancer. Your face is the most vulnerable area of your body exposed towards the sun. Hence protecting it is of utmost importance. The beard acts as an insulation and provides layers of protection from the heatwaves, like a Coconut. A Coconut husk protects and keeps the water cool and safe inside. Many research has certified that a beard can block up to 95% of UV. An interesting fact to ponder on. Think twice before you grab that razor and de-husk.

Not a bacterial sponge, but a bacterial filter!

Grow a beard, not a broom brush. The moment you do not groom and tend your beard it will turn into a nightmare. Even if you have a beard or not, grooming is an important aspect to keep your face radiant and vibrant. Instead, negligence would turn your beard into a filthy, messy, and smelly bacterial sponge. Make sure you give it a wash frequently and scrub it. Use a beard shampoo to cleanse and get rid of any Beadruff (Dandruff on Beard). This way it will act as a perfect bacterial filter that would protect your face from infections. Washing your beard frequently will help your face cool down and keep it fresh, as your beard act as an evaporating agent where water is preserved for a longer period than on naked skin. The water flows through the beard and then evaporates. This creates a sustained cooling effect that would keep your face moist and cool. There’s no cooling agent in between when you clean shave, hence heating your face more rapidly.

Grooming like a Pro!

Grooming does not need a big investment. All you need is dedication and love for yourself. Beard grooming is a subtle topic compared to more generalised grooming. There are some grooming tips we would like to share with you. This will help you conquer the hot weather while preserving your precious beard.
Always give it a good wash. Rinse it with a mild shampoo. Ruffle your beard, and let water seep into your skin.
Always use beard oil. Wherever you go, whatever you take, do not forget your beard oil. Make sure your beard is not wet when applying oil. Applying oil on your damp beard helps the beard to absorb all nourishing ingredients the oil contains.
Always use a comb. Do not comb in a robust motion, but rather a slow rhythmic motion. It helps your beard to be organized and groomed. Also, the oil gets evenly spread and creates a cool soothing feeling.

Give a quick snip snap trim if there is a rouge hair or two. This way the beard will be uniform and primed. Look cool in the hot weather!
Usage of beard balms will eliminate bacteria and protect your face from acne. It also creates a soothing sensation that would keep you refreshed and vibrant on a hot summer day. Another fringe benefit offered through beard balm is healthy blood circulation between facial muscles and helps you relax.

Kavemen tell no lies!

The ancient kavemen were able to withstand adverse cold weather and scorching hot climate. Their first line of defence was their beard protecting their face and helping them be vigilant and fresh always. Coordination between their facial muscles was at supreme autonomy. Kavemen labs are unravelling the ancient ways of grooming whilst creating a harmonious symphony with modern science to produce Kavemen products. Our alchemists are dedicated to producing modern, yet natural products to suit your grooming needs. Just log into www.kave.men and join the beard tribe!