Top 5 Patchy Beard Mistakes To Avoid

So you absolutely love your beard. You’ve taken so much time and effort to carefully let it grow out and you are proud of it. Then one day, you walk to the mirror and see a patch! Oh No! What’s wrong with your beard? The answer – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with your beard, and patchy beards are way more common than you would imagine. Here’s why patchy beards happen and what you can do about it so that you can enjoy it and be proud of it for years to come.

Mistake 01: Not letting your beard grow

Like we said before, patchy beards are quite common. A lot of men have this, it’s that they never notice it under the growth. Also, a lot of the time, men think that their beards are patchy when all it actually is, is still growing. Beards take a longer time to fill out than you think and you need to be patient. Fight that urge to shave it clean because you think it’s patchy. If you actually do have a patchy beard, there are loads of facial hairstyles that you could try out. Having a ‘corporate beard’ or ‘stubble style beard’ are both great examples of how you can do this.

Mistake 02: Being impatient with your beard

Your beard will not grow at the same rate all around. It will grow fast and dense in some places. In others, it will take a lot longer to grow out. Don’t give up too soon. Sometimes, it only takes a couple of weeks from now, for your beard to grow out and cover up those patchy areas. All good things take time. So instead of shaving it all off because you see a few patches be patient. The longer your beard gets, the denser it will become. Of course, you might feel a little awkward with the patchiness in the beginning. But, if you let it be, you’re going to enjoy a glorious beard, down the line.

Mistake 03: Comparing your beard to others

A big mistake that you will do is comparing your beard to others. Don’t even go there. Everyone is different. Every beard has its strengths and weaknesses. Also, your genetics are a contributing factor to your beard and you have no control over this. Like everything else, the more you compare, the worse you will feel. You are you. Remember that and appreciate what you have. Grow your beard for yourself and because you love having a beard. forget everyone else. Their opinion about your beard is not important. Even if it is still a little patchy, wear your beard with confidence. That’s all it takes to completely transform your vibe.

Mistake 04: Beard oils are real. Beard growth oils are not

If you have a beard and if you have done your research on how to maintain it, you would have heard about the growth oil. It’s important that you understand the difference between a Beard Oil and a “Beard Growth Oil”. Beard oils are marketed with honesty. The intention is to nourish your beard, soothe the skin underneath, provide all the benefits to your skin and hair. This helps your beard to be healthy and better. So-called Beard Growth Oils claim to increase your beard growth, fast, like in days or weeks. Not going to happen. Your beard cannot magically grow out in two weeks by 70% simply because you applied a topical lotion. There is, of course, the hair-loss product usage on the face – will discuss that in another time.

Mistake 05: Not maintaining your beard

Your beard needs love. It needs maintaining. Using beard oils, balms and similar high-quality natural products on a regular basis is good for your beard. You also need to look after the skin underneath. If you don’t it could dry out or even catch a fungal infection. Keep your beard clean always. Groom it well. Just like your hair, your beard needs to be cared for as well.
Beards are awesome, we strongly believe that. Beards are not easy to grow, we know that too. But with the right commitment and patience, you can enjoy a well-grown, healthy and attractive beard. To make sure that happens eventually, learn to rock your look from day one. Even if it looks slightly patchy. Keep Growing Beardies!

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