The Kavemen’s Guide To No Shave November

It’s that time of the year again beard lovers and with November, it’s time to get hairy! No-Shave November is here once more and we’re looking forward to seeing you beardos with your glorious beards. But how many of you guys actually know about the concept behind No-Shave November and why it happens? So, here’s a little know-why from our end that will give you a quick and thorough guide to No Shave November, the reason behind it and how you can prepare for it.

Alright, so the earliest records of something similar to the modern-day No Shave November dates back to ancient Greece. Of course, there was no such thing as a month November, the concept is quite similar. It is said the Guardians spent 30 days imitating the image of their gods to develop their education. This was later expanded by Aristotle to include the growing of beards at that time as an ethical practice.

But, the modern-day No Shave November that we celebrate can be traced all the way back to a group of men in Australia in 2004, who worked to raise awareness for prostate cancer by growing their moustaches for 30 days. This is something that most cancer patients are unable to do because of their treatments, and this move was called “Movember”. It is slightly different to No-Shave November in that, if a person takes part in Movember they can only and only grow their moustache. But No Shave November, on the other hand, includes that participants do not shave at all for an entire month, growing out a beard. It also entails that men act like gentlemen for these 30 days! (wait, what? You guys do that every day right?)

The coolest thing about No-Shave November is that a lot of people around the world actually end up donating money that they would have otherwise spent on grooming materials for their beards to cancer research and education. Now ain’t that gentlemanly behaviour? So if you’re planning on taking part in No Shave November, here are a few things you can do to spread the beard and the awareness at the same time.

How to spread awareness for No-Shave November

Educate others about the history and significance of No-Shave November. Many people just think of it as a trend, but the real cause behind it is very much humanitarian.

Don’t cheat! Love and embrace your beard and be grateful for the fact that you are healthy enough to grow it. Like we say at Kavemen’s “Don’t be weird, just grow that damn beard!”

Donate the money you saved for the right cause. Do a bit of research to see where and how you can donate the money you saved for prostate cancer research.

Manscaping tips to help you prepare for No-Shave November

Nobody said that this was going to be easy peasy. You’re going to grow out that beard and for some of you, this may just be a first! So manscape your way through No Shave November with these helpful tips that will get you started on the prep right away!

Get the right tools like beard combs for example so that you can avoid your beard from getting matted or looking like it just doesn’t get enough care.

Comb your beard daily. Train your beard to grow in one direction evenly by combing it down from your moustache area all the way towards your chin. Do this daily. It will also massage your facial hair follicles and activate oil in the skin that can do wonders for your beard.

Wash your beard regularly. Stay away from harsh chemicals and shampoos and use the right beard wash and care products to remove any dandruff or possible infections and also to moisturize and give it the nutrients it needs.

Even though it is No Shave November, your work calls you to look well-groomed we are sure. Therefore consider the shape of your face because you might want to train your beard to grow in the perfect way to suit the shape of your face and enhance that bone structure. Some quick research is all it takes.

Again, if needed for work reasons, use a pair of clippers to trim the beard slightly so you look like a really professional beardo.

Neckscaping or fading your beard from above the Adam’s Apple is important to give your beard a more polished up look. Use clippers for the fading and stretch out the skin on your neck because otherwise it will bunch up and you might get hurt.

Moisturize daily and you won’t regret it when you miss out on the itchiness and the inflammation. Check out oils that you can use and avoid common rookie mistakes that can lead to dandruff and itchiness.

Found our guide useful? Why don’t you let us know your thoughts on No Shave November too? After all, we are all about the beard and sharing for the love of the beard is caring in Kavemen’s world. Oh and check out our range of all-natural beard grooming products on your way too.

Happy No Shave November fellow beardos. Rock that beard!!!

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