Beard Growth Starter Kit

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This kit is ideal for men who struggle to grow a beard or have slow growth. Take advantage of your body’s natural DHT. By using our signature DHT safe formula you will not hinder your beard growth. This combo will help increase your skin blood flow, strengthen roots, support you to grow a healthy and strong beard.

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Beard Growth Starter Kit

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What you get:
DHT-Safe Beard Growth Oil
Wooden Comb
Liquid Soap

How to use:
Using our liquid soap wash your face
When your skin is damp, take a few drops of our DHT-Safe beard oil
Rub it in your palm to heat it up
Apply to your beard and skin underneath
Use the wooden comb to massage the oils in

Repeat this process daily, twice a day mornings and evenings. (Ideally after a shower or a soap wash)
Do not shave or trim your beard for at least six months, until you finish the DHT-Safe beard oil.

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