The Kavemen Story

A look back at the mythical journey on how Kavemen was born!

Our Story Starts Here

Finding high quality, completely natural beard and hair care products can be very challenging. This is the core reason behind the existence of Kavemen. We are the finest beard and hair care products manufacturer in Sri Lanka. We don’t just consider quality as a standard, but quality has become our mantra. We may not have large laboratories, but our small home-based lab helps us hand make every single product that we sell. Hand producing our products give us numerous advantages that we then pass on to you. Firstly, it ensures that we know every single ingredient that goes into our products, so we make sure that all ingredients are natural and completely organic. This makes Kavemen products 100% natural and organic. We are not afraid of testing our products on ourselves because we know exactly what goes into them. We would never put ingredients into the products that we feel are not safe, so you have nothing to worry about!
Many people assume that growing a beard is just a matter of actually letting your beard hairs grow out, but trust us, these people are misguided. As you progress on this journey, you will run into numerous obstacles like dandruff, itchiness and flaky skin. How many times have you attempted to grow your beard, but would end up shaving it off because of these problems.

Our founder faced these problems himself when he began his beard journey! Therefore, he began to look for a solution himself, did what he is best at, DIY. He started making them personally! The products he made worked on him like a charm and helped him grow a strong and healthy beard. But, he did not want to reap the benefits of home-made cosmetic products just by himself. Thus, Kavemen was born!

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