Grooming Is A Priority Not A Luxury! 3 Tips For A Magnificent Beard!

Most of us guys want a magnificent beard, even epic like Gandalf the grey! but, like for many getting there is the problem. We always think it’s just like letting it grow and forget about it. You can’t be more wrong. To own an epic beard means you must go through a journey.
Today I want to talk about why grooming your beard is an important part of this journey.

Grooming your self does not mean you go to a fancy barber and let him take care of your beard. Sure, you can throw money at someone once in a while, but that’s not something you can do all the time. Especially when there is a pandemic outbreak. What I mean is what you can do to maintain a healthy beard while you are at home.

#1 Get your self a wide-tooth comb.

When you step out of the shower with a wet, tangled beard, you’ll have a question of where to begin taming it back into shape? The Beard Comb should be your first best choice. When wet, Your beard is at its weakest and it doesn’t take much to stress your beard hair beyond its limit. That may cause irreparable damage. A comb’s wide-spaced teeth are ideal for untangling a beard without putting extreme strain on the delicate hair follicles underneath. Make sure you pat dry your beard when it’s wet, let it air dry a bit in front of a fan or just let it dry for a bit while you are making your morning coffee.
When you are ready to style your beard, grab your trusty beard comb and start with few strokes, which means less strain on your face and beard roots. This would allow you to get rid of any dead skin stuck in your hair and untangle some knots. If you need to straighten things out, then imagine the style that you need, then put your comb to work and craft the ultimate look. By a few passes with the comb can give you looking sharp and stylish in no time.
It also trains facial hair so that it can grow in the direction that you want. Combing the beard is essential every day as it causes hairs to grow, to have a fuller and manly beard. This will also help you get your blood flowing in your skin, which ultimately helps with beard hair growth.

#2 Applying beard oil.

This would be the ideal time to start applying your favourite beard oil on. Get a couple of drops and rub it into your beard and skin. Once that’s out of the way, make a couple of passes using your comb to bring beard back to shape. If you have a longer beard, feel free to apply your beard balm to style as well.
Keep in mind that you should be using a wooden or horn comb, something that’s made out of natural material. These will generally work well with oil. The advantage is that the excess oil will be absorbed into the wood or horn and it’ll leave your hair less greasy looking and healthier. You don’t want to use plastic since it will only damage your skin and hair. Natural combs glide through the skin/hair, without weakening it from the root or snapping it.

#3 Brush brush brush!

Beard Brush works nicely when the beard is completely dry. If you have a longer, curly beard like mine. I’d recommend getting your self a natural brush. There are several options, but my favourite is a boar bristle brush. The alternative is horsehair brush or synthetic hair brushes. A brush can cover a much larger area of the facial hair, that allows you to more effectively define its overall shape. A brush is also perfect for directing your whiskers in a particular direction, that is essential for training your facial hair to grow and look the way you exactly need. It is also valuable for the way they help properly distribute the oils of your beard. Dab on a little amount of your favourite oil, and work it in well with a brush.
You should know that healthy beards mean healthy skin. There is no rule that you have to use one tool and stick with it. Feel free to find the tools that fit your grooming routine. Beard brushes and combs can be used in many different situations, but using both at the right times can help your beard look better, and last longer. Example, having a comb or a brush can come in handy if you are wearing a mask to work/commute. Usually, once you remove your mask, your beard can look like a trainwreck. So before you jump on that zoom call, grab your trust tools and style it back to shape.
When you start blending these items into your daily beard care routine, you can see how you ever went without them. Maintaining a healthy-looking beard involves more than just letting the beard grow. You need to use beard grooming products like beard oil and grooming tools like beard combs and brushes to keep your beard supple and healthy.

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Until next time, Stay safe and stay awesome!

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