Elder Collection

Kavemen brings you beard and hair oil products that are so fantastic, we are sure you will believe they contain mythical powers!

We have no limitations on the amount of essential oils we use when it comes to the fragrance, and no budget restrictions when it comes to sourcing the premium ingredients.

The most powerful and high-ranking males were called Elders. Elders were respected for the qualities of sacredness, authority, excellence and awesome power, which our ancestors believed were inherited from the ancestors and gods. These qualities could be increased by prowess in war, wise rule and generosity. The Elders were the most important group of people, and ruled with an iron fist. They held the secrets to being in power. After a long-search across deserts, mountains, and frozen landscapes, we uncovered some of the secrets that helped Elders become as powerful as they were. It has been discovered, that elders would rub some of the finest and rarest natural oils on their beard and hair to gain supernatural powers that helped them to seem like they were ancestors of God.

Finally, we at Kavemen, give you this power through our Elder Class Beard Oil. We have scoured the four corners of Earth to find some of the rarest oils on the planet to give you the ultimate beard oil. Beware, with a great beard, comes great responsibility! The Elder classes give you some of the rarest essential oils on the planet, mixed with Jojoba, Argan, and Sweet Almond to help you get the ultimate beard!


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