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Druidism was the ancient magical religious faith found to be operating in Gaul and later England and Ireland as the Romans pushed northward. The name derives from an old Welsh term for oak, implying that they are the people who know the wisdom of the trees. The Druid was the potion master of the tribe. They also use healing herbs to cure wounds and sickness. One of the key ways to identify the Druid in a tribe, was the long-flowing white beard. It was a sign, and a symbol of knowledge and intellect. The Druid took great care and put a great deal of effort into ensuring that he had the best beard in the land.

Kavemen’s Druid Class Beard Oil is derived from the secret books left behind by the Druids. These books enlighten one on how to find some of the rarer oils on the planet, and to use these oils to produce beard oils that truly are magical. The Druid class utilises Moringa, Jojoba, Argan and King Coconut, mixed with essential oils that are challenging to obtain and source. Our Druid Class of Beard Oils helps you grow a glorious beard to showcase your intellect and class!

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