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Bought yourself a beard oil? Now what? Beard oil for beginners - 101


By Sabreen Rezvie

For the love of beard, you took the leap of faith with Kavemen! You got yourself a beard oil. Cool! Now what? Do you just apply it all over? How many times to apply? Need to mix it? so many questions pop into your head right? Do not worry, we will help you and not let you wander alone in this natural way of life.
Beard Oil Every Day, Keeps The Razor Away!
As you get out of the home you slip in your wallet and phone to your pocket. From now on do not forget your beard oil too. That’s Rule No.1, to get the maximum out of your beard oil. Kavemen beard oil bottles are designed in a slick way, that makes it easy to tuck into your pocket. Use it frequently to get best results. Your beard will show, and your personality will grow!
Sir Isaac Kavemens Theory of Growity
One of our famous ancestors who dedicated his life towards advance beardology wrote in his famous journal “Kavemen Tells No Lies”, the essence of ancient caveman grooming techniques. Beard grooming is an important aspect, he always looked into and it was during these studies he developed the theory of growity. The theory of growity states that, “Growing a beard depends predominantly on grooming timing, beard quantity, and application on a periodic rhythm” Now that was torture reading right? Do not worry we found it cryptic as well at the beginning. Hence we dissected it and derived 4 main areas of grooming that Sir Isaac wanted to focus on. They are namely; Timing, Quantity, Application and Intervals. As a promise towards superior grooming, we at Kavemen will be enlightening you on how to use your beard oil based on the aforementioned 4 focus areas.
Timing is everything!
The perfect time to slap your beard (Now be careful, do not slap yourself literally) with some beard oil would be immediately after a bath. Especially when your beard is damp and your skin is moist. Your pores are not hard for beard oil to penetrate soon after a bath. Like a sponge, your skin will absorb the oil straight into your beard routes. Strong and clean beard routes are of utmost importance for a perfect beard.
Do not overdo it, or not do it! Perfect Quantity is Key
Tilt your beard oil bottle towards your open palms, wait for it, and let the drops fall into your hands. 1 or 2 drops will not be sufficient, while 3 to 5 will be the perfect blend. How long and dense your beard also affects on how many drops to use. But never forget a little drop goes a long way.
Application Guidelines
Application of beard oil ain’t just a splash, rub and pull. Your beard is a gift, and it needs to be given utmost care. To start the application as discussed previously, tilt your beard oil bottle towards your open palms, wait for it, and let the drops fall into your hands. Next, rub your hands and let the oil run through your fingers as well. Keep rubbing till you feel a mild warmth on your palms and start applying from root to tip. Run your fingers through your beard and gently massage your face. It just feels relaxing and listen to some calm soundtrack while you do it. Depending on your beard length use a comb as well on a slow rhythmic motion.
How Often to Use? Again, Timing is important!
Timing and how often to use depends on a scenario by scenario. The factors that would determine usage are; How long have you been using beard oil, weather conditions, and occasions. On a general scale once a day would be sufficient. However, if you using for the first time It helps your beard settle and tone to the nourishment supplied by the oil, and its simply soothing to do (It is! We cross our hearts). During hot and dry weather using it more than once would be prudent, as beard oil helps to keep the skin fresh and preserve moisture. In an unfortunate scenario your skin suffers from a fungal skin infection, we recommend 2 to 3 times a day of beard oil usage. The herbal extracts included will soothe your skin and heal like a prayer. In case you are anticipating a special occasion (Weddings, Graduation, Date etc) we recommend twice a day for 3 days, together with beard balm and on the final day some. Now do not forget your mustache. After all the effort on your beard you do not want to underline your shabbiness through your mustache, do you? Apply some mustache wax and twist it like a pro!
Kavemen tell no lies!
No matter what the occasion is, what day of the calendar year, or the weather conditions you are, Our alchemists are dedicated to producing modern, yet natural products to suit your grooming needs. Just log into www.kave.men and join the beard tribe!