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2019 New Year Resolutions; same old or something new?

By Sajani Dilhara

It’s that time of the year again. 2019 if off with a bang and everybody is busy making resolutions and promising themselves that they’re going to stick to it no matter what. But does that always happen? Let’s face it, we’ve been through this in 2018, 2017 and well, go as back as you would care to remember. So how can you make real resolutions that you will actually stick to and accomplish this year? What’s going to be so different? The trick is to make resolutions that are realistic and actually rewarding to you personally. Make resolutions that make life fun and eventful. Make resolutions that make you feel motivated and help you grow. Here are some suggestions from us to you, on what we think are some truly fantastic resolutions you should be making this year.

Travel more if you don’t get out enough

Make a resolution to travel more. Trust us on this, the more you travel the better the perspective you will have on life. We are so drowned in work and paying bills and running the rat race that we often forget to catch a breather and appreciate the finer things in life. So this year promise yourself that you will travel more. Don’t wait for the big bucks to come along, just do it with what little you can spare. Don’t go broke, that’s not what we mean. But maybe catch a bus or train ride to a local spot where you can hike, go laze on the beach on weekends, explore trekking trails and go camping. Enjoy life and see how great the year turns out.

Start working towards your own business venture

Here’s the deal. Nobody ever became super successful working their entire life for somebody else. A desk job will give you a safe option. A monthly salary and probably a workload that is your salary x 10. How are we doing so far? So this year, fuel your thinking juices and think about what you can do to start a small business venture for yourself. It could be anything from a home food business to starting an actual company but just start on it. Put in the groundwork, look for the right opportunities and promise that you will launch the business before the year runs out. You are welcome.

Stay fit and have realistic body goals

Something else that we always promise but fail to fulfil is staying fit. The big problem here is giving yourself a goal that is unrealistic. Go step by step. Your New Year resolution should not be “I’m going to look like by year-end”. It has to be “I’m going to make myself the fittest version of me by year end” and you will get there. Eat clean, sleep well, drink your water, remove stress and work out. So there you go. You’ve got 3 resolutions that can bring new meaning to your life if you really invest in them. Don’t give up when the going gets tough because none of these will come easy to you. Keep pushing and no matter what 2019 started out for you like, make sure it ends on your terms. You are the BOSS!!!